What is a Dotted Line Leader

Leadership, and influence for that matter, exist in many forms and contexts within an organization.

Direct Leadership, or Straight Line Leadership, is your typical Manager – Employee relationship.  The leader often has formal rights including performances review, merit increases, and other methods or tools for which to exert influence.

Indirect Leadership, or Dotted Line Leadership, exists in many forms and contexts.  Sometimes this is a project manager, team leader, a functional coordinator, a worker-manager, or a geographically distant functional manager/director.  Dotted Line Leaders have to exercise more influence without authority.  Dotted Line Leaders have to get things done despite not having formal control over their resources.

The Dotted Line Leader is a site dedicated to examining this relationship.

In the weeks and months that follow we will explore how Dotted Line Leaders must navigate areas like Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Team-Building, Employee Development, Influence, Persuasion, Engagement, Resource Management, and more.  In addition, we’ll review how to navigate modern complexities like Virtual Reality, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Enterprise Automation.  And what this means to the Modern Organization.