Don’t #DeleteUber, #KeepUber and #FixUber

I hate hashtags, I promise to never do that to you again.

Uber has been attacked recently by seemingly everyone.  Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment, cultivating a toxic workplace culture, stealing IP from google, illegal self-driving tests, their CEO berating at a driver.  Heck, even Vice has gone after them for harming the environment.  Oh yeah, and then there was Greyball program.

It’s no wonder that we all just want to give up, delete Uber, Install Lyft, and move on with life.  However, I don’t think it’s too late.  How?  Well to start: Engaging their drivers and adding value to that relationship, Cultivating a diverse workforce from the top down that rewards EQ as much as IQ and ‘fierceness’, and lastly reconnect with the priorities or their customers (hint, it’s not always about the money).

If we just give up on Uber, then collectively we all lose.